1 Mar 2014

State of Union Home Minister in Rajya Sabha Today

Union Home Minister Shri Sushikumar Shinde
Union Home Minister Shri Sushikumar Shinde moved the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2014 as passed by the Lok Sabha for consideration and passing by the Rajya Sabha today. Following is the text of the Home Minister Statement;

“The movement for a separate State of Telangana has a long and chequered history. It may be recalled that this region, within the existing State of Andhra Pradesh, had a distinct political and cultural identity. 

There have been movements for a separate State in both the Telangana region as well in the rest of Andhra which reached a peak in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, which were resolved for the time being through discussions and agreements. In the last few years, however, there has been a resurgence of social, economic and political aspirations of the people of this region.

This Bill seeks to meet the democratic aspirations of the people of the Telangana region by reorganizing the existing State of Andhra Pradesh into two separate States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. I would like to reassure the Members of this House that we have tried our best to accommodate the concerns and interest of all the stakeholders.

I can say with justifiable pride that we had invited and received suggestions from the entire cross-section of the Andhra Pradesh society and every suggestion had been evaluated and dealt with appropriately when the Bill was being prepared. 

The draft Bill prepared was referred by the Hon’ble President to the Andhra Pradesh State Legislature for giving their views by 23rd January, 2014. At the request of the State Government an extension of seven days was given and the 30th January was fixed as the deadline.

 After receiving the views of the State Legislature, we also received numerous suggestions from various quarters. These have been considered and examined by the government. Amendments formulated on the basis of these suggestions were brought before the LokSabha and the amended Bill is now placed before this august House for kind consideration.

The Bill considers all aspects of governance for both the successor States and necessary supplemental and incidental provisions relating to representation in Parliament and in the State Legislatures, distribution of revenues, apportionment of assets and liabilities, management and development of water resources, power and natural resources, ensuring peace and harmony and how to address the development needs of the backward regions and other matters.

It must be understood that this has not been an easy decision. It has been taken after the widest possible consultations and after taking into account all the factors. It is not our intention that the bifurcation should take place at the cost of one region or the existing State. It is my sincere hope that this issue would get resolved in a manner that ensures peace and goodwill and progress and prosperity among all the sections of both the successor States.

We want to ensure that the economy of the successor state of Andhra Pradesh should continue to grow. Therefore, the Bill also contains our firm commitment to execute the Polavaram project as a national project, by obtaining all necessary clearances including ensuring full rehabilitation and resettlement.

The Central Government shall also provide a special development package for Rayalaseema and north coastal districts of the successor state of Andhra Pradesh.

I wish to reiterate what I said in the Lok Sabha a day before yesterday - a financial package will be given to Seema-Andhra. I would also assure the House that a Special Cell will be created immediately in the Planning Commission under the Deputy Chairman to address the developmental needs of the successor state of Andhra Pradesh in their totality and also ensure adequate financing for fulfilling them.

With these words, Sir, I commend, The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2014 to this august House for consideration and passing”. 

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