27 Nov 2013

‘Baga Beach’ a Gritty tale of life behind the Fun, Feni and Freedom

International Film Festival of India
The film ‘Baga Beach’, directed by LaxmikantShetgaonkar explores the struggles of people living on the coastal belt of Goa. 

Following the screening of the movie today, Shri Shetgaonkar, while interacting with the media at the 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) said that in a State where the number of tourists in a season is more than three times the local population and where tourism is promoted indiscriminately for revenue it generates, the lives of people are bound to get impacted in more ways than one can imagine. 

He said that ‘Baga Beach’ presents how the tourists, the locals and the migrants are interdependent economically, emotionally and socially and how they perceive these complex unequal relationships. He said that ‘Baga Beach’ presents a gritty tale of life behind the Fun Feni and Freedom in Goa. The film is about the beaches that represent the beauty of the exotic seashore which also throw up the harsh truths that affect the locals. 

The producer of the film Dr. PramodSalgaocar said that at an international tourist destination like Goa, the locals, the migrants and the domestic and international tourists mingle with each other leading to complex situations. 

The co-producer of the film Dr. SagarSalgaocar said that the film deals with sensitive issues like child abuse, migration and impact of tourism. 

The cast of film ‘Baga Beach’, Paoli Dam and AkashSinha said that it was a different experience working with national award winning director. 

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